terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

Europe, keep your promise: be a cruelty-free cosmetics zone by 2013

4 October 2011

Dear constança,

Cruelty-free 2013 act now Animal testing is an ugly business, especially when animals are poisoned just to test new lipsticks, shampoos, or other beauty products.

Banned within the European Union's borders in 2009, animals today still endure painful tests for cosmetics in the United States, Brazil and China -- cosmetics that are sold in the EU. That's why as of 2013, the EU voted to ban the sale of all animal-tested cosmetics. But now that ban is under threat.

We urgently need your support. Act now and urge the EU to keep their promise: sign our Cruelty-Free 2013 petition today!

Right now, European authorities are considering introducing legislation that could delay the long-awaited sales ban -- perhaps by years. As the largest global market for cosmetics, a ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics in the EU would force international cosmetic companies to choose between their products being pulled from shelves in Europe or kicking their animal testing habit -- a major step toward a global end to animal testing for beauty products.

We must to act quickly and remind EU decision makers that caring consumers want cosmetics shelves in Europe cruelty free -- a crucial step toward ending cosmetics cruelty worldwide.

Join us now and sign the Cruelty-Free 2013 petition today! And thank you for all you do for animals.

Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan
President/Chief Executive Officer
Humane Society International